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Tags: William R. Leigh Manuscript Collection

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Newspaper clipping from Miss Quin, "Books of the Times" from the "New York Times". Article has photo of Leigh's painting "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" American 4127.768 ink on paper
Article from "Park Avenue Review" magazine entitled "Stalking Big Game with Pen and Brush" American 5027.254 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping with photos of painting "Leader's Downfall" American 5327.533.1 ink on paper
Article regarding Leigh's painting "Buffalo Drive" by Berkeley Williams, Jr. American 5317.244 ink on paper
Flyer announcing publication of Saga of Old Tuolumne by Edna Bryan Buckbee American 5127.653 ink on paper
Poem "Hail and Farewell" by H.W. Wack American 5327.452 ink on paper
Pink etched original cardboard of article "Westerns' for Ranch Houses" American 5327.1152 ink on cardboard
Newspaper clipping of children playing near Old North Church, Boston which had a new tower American 4127.721 ink on paper
Memo to Miss Traphagen regarding "Frontiers of Enchantment" American 5327.1158 ink on paper
Newspaper article of theatre critic St. John Ervine's review of the play, "The Earth Between" American 4127.764.15 ink on paper
Descriptive lists of the 33 photographs of paintings from the envelope American 5327.525.1a-.2a ink on paper
2 copies of newspaper article regarding Patriot's Day with photo of Redwood carving by Homer Gunn, "Midnight Ride" from the "Christian Science Monitor" American 4127.769 ink on paper
"Long Island Forum" Magazine with article and photo on William R. Leigh's painting "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" on display in Boston American 5027.4366 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping with photo of painting "Buffalo Drive" American 5327.533.2 ink on paper
Note about a photo of Paul Revere's descendant American 5327.1128 ink on paper
Newspaper article "W. R. Leigh, Noted Artist, Native of this County, Makes Brief Visit to Former Home" from the Martinsburg Journal American 4117.763.24 ink on paper
Biographical sketch of William Robinson Leigh, N.A. American 5327.1153 ink of paper
Copy of "The Christian Science Monitor" with article about what visitors can see in Historic Boston's Freedom Trail American 4127.722 ink on paper
12 captions for studies used in "Frontiers of Enchantment" William Robinson Leigh American 5327.1159 ink on paper
Newspaper article of theatre critic St. John Ervine's review of the play, "Young Alexander" American 4127.764.16 ink on paper