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Tags: William R. Leigh Manuscript Collection

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Award presented to Leigh recognizing him as a "distinguished wildlife artist" American 5327.1156 ink on paper
Arthur Stringer newspaper clipping "What do Modern Women Want from Life?" American 4127.738 ink on paper
News release from Grand Central Art Galleries announcing another exhibition of Leigh's work of painting and charcoal drawings American 5327.276.3 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping reviewing the play, "Airways, Inc." and the movie, "The Iron Mask" American 4127.764.8 ink on paper
Photocopy of newspaper article from Newark Star with photo of Leigh and his "Struggle for Existence" American 5327.533.12 ink on paper
Photograph of the front and back of the Benjamin West Clinedinst Memorial Medal given to Leigh American 4327.8484c ink on paper
Newark Evening News article with photo of Leigh and his canvas "Struggle for Existence" American 5327.533.9 ink on paper
Article on William R. Leigh's painting "Pocahontas" by Anne Heaton Perry for "The Grade Teacher" American 5027.730 ink on paper
List, "Hopi name of men", Apache men" and Names of Navahos" William Robinson Leigh, 1866 - 1955 American 5327.1138.1-.2 pencil on paper
Advertisement for Clipt Wings in Brookly Daily Eagle American 4127.715 ink on paper
Draft board with sketches of a Rhino and a Jaguar American 5327.1157.10 ink on paper
Newspaper article of theatre critic St. John Ervine's review of the play, "Hedda Gabler" American 4127.764.10 ink on paper
News release from Grand Central Art Galleries regarding Collier's article describing Leigh as "America's 'Sagebrush Rembrandt' " American 5327.276.5 ink on paper
Newspaper article by theatre critic St. John Ervine regarding theatre managers American 4127.764.9 ink on paper
Newspaper article "Artist Sues Union over Painting" with photo of Leigh American 5327.533.13 ink on paper
Photograph of steam engine on testing block with top housing removed to show construction American 4337.8457b gelatin silver process
Newspaper article with photo of two donkeys, "Patient" American 5327.533 ink on paper
Magazine photo of five Masai women with caption "Arbiters of Feminine Fashions among the Masai Women" American 5067.4375 ink on paper
William R. Leigh's account booklet for City Trust Bank of New York with financial information and poem/prose written in back of book American 5327.1138 ink on paper
The New York Times Book Review page with photo reviewing Leigh's book "Frontiers of enchantment" American 4127.717 ink on paper