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Tags: William R. Leigh Manuscript Collection

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Newspaper clipping of theatre critic St. John Ervine's review of the plays "The Black Crook" and "Spring is Here" American 4127.764.14 ink on paper
Article for immediate release regarding Leigh's Retrospective Painting Exhibition in Maryland American 5327.277.1 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping from Miss Quin, "Books of the Times" from the "New York Times". Article has photo of Leigh's painting "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" American 4127.768 ink on paper
Photocopy of newspaper article from Newark Star with photo of Leigh and his "Struggle for Existence" American 5327.533.17 ink on paper
List of Navaho words American 4937.432 ink and pencil on paper
Booklet authored by Yale students satirizing Shakespeare's authenticity American 5327.536.13a ink on paper
Memo about William R. Leigh's painting "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" and viewers suggestions of names for the horse American 5317.1129 ink on paper
Newspaper photo of painting by Leigh "The Water Hole" with short caption from The Christian Science Monitor American 4117.763.25 ink on paper
Short biography and list of achievements of W. R. Leigh and his paintings of the American West American 5327.1143 ink on paper
Copy of "The Christian Science Monitor" with article about what visitors can see in Historic Boston's Freedom Trail American 4127.722 ink on paper
Draft board for article "Acclaimed by Critics from Coast to Coast This Latest Book on Africa" American 5327.1157.6 ink on paper
Newspaper article of theatre critic St. John Ervine's review of the play, "The Earth Between" American 4127.764.15 ink on paper
Speech given by Miss Gaynell Brown at the Annual Meeting of the New York Federation of Women's Clubs where Leigh was a speaker American 5327.277.4 ink on paper
2 copies of newspaper article regarding Patriot's Day with photo of Redwood carving by Homer Gunn, "Midnight Ride" from the "Christian Science Monitor" American 4127.769 ink on paper
Every Week magazine cover featuring "Navajo Shepherd Boy" American 5017.4781 ink on paper
Reprinted magazine article from "Town and Country Review" of Biographical Sketch of W. R. Leigh, "An Artist of Distinction" American 5377.270a ink on paper
Gulf Petroleum advertisement featuring "Old-time Longhorn Roundup" American 5317.237 ink on paper
Newspaper photo of Leigh's painting "A Humdinger" with short caption from the Monroe, GA Tribune American 4117.763.26 ink on paper
Letter with envelope from Leigh now in Lucania [sic] Camp to Ethel Traphagan Leigh describing his trip, the countryside, Mount Kenya, and reporting the start of two canvases William Robinson Leigh, 1866 - 1955 American 3867.8304 ink on paper
Letter from A.N. Blazer to Leigh about collaboration on proposed publication American 3837.8307 ink on paper