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Tags: William R. Leigh Manuscript Collection

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Photo duplicates of a man on horseback looking out over a cliff American 5327.1154c-d gelatin silver process
News release announcing the "Permanent Exhibition of the William R. Leigh Collection" at the Thomas Gilcrease Institute American 5327.1163 ink o paper
Black draft board of title "Frontiers of Enchantment by W.R. Leigh" American 5327.1157.5 ink on paper
Newspaper article "Picture Market Finds Outlet in Gas Stations" from "The Arizona Republic" American 4117.763.30 ink on paper
Article torn from "Scribner's Magazine", "Double-Dealers in Art" by Thomas Craven American 5327.530 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping "Cult Priestess's daughter found buried with dogs American 4127.733 ink on paper
Baltimore Sun article with photo of William R. Leigh and his painting "A Fighting Cyclone" American 5327.533.7 ink on paper
Photograph of front and back of Medal of Honor given to Leigh by the Hudson Valley Art Association American 4327.8484a ink on paper
Biographical sketch of William Robinson Leigh, N.A. American 5327.1153 ink of paper
Gulf Petroleum advertisement featuring "Old-time Longhorn Roundup" American 5317.237 ink on paper
Photocopy of a postcard to mail in to request a copy of "The Vanishing American" American 5327.1154e ink on paper
Clipping of Leigh water color "Navajo Shepherd Boy American 5327.1165 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping article on advertising American 4127.766 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping "Americana History and Horseflesh" from the Orange Country News" American 4117.763.31 ink on paper
Photocopy of a newspaper article and photo of "Leigh Exhibiting Paintings at his Alma Mater Here" American 5327.533.10 ink on paper
New York Times clipping "Reds Open First Anti-Religious Universities…" American 4127.737 ink on paper
Newark Star clipping with photo of Leigh and his painting "Struggle for Existence" American 5327.533.8 ink on paper
Photograph of front and back of medal given to Leigh as "Outstanding Alumni" from the Maryland Institute American 4327.8484b ink on paper
Letter from Leigh to Mr. Oscar Ameringe of The American Guardian regarding a Bill he is promoting, which Leigh believes is useless. Leigh says that religion and ownership of private property need to be destroyed for a country to succeed American 3827.2717-.1 ink on paper
Letter and envelope from Leigh to his mother back in the Academy studying under Loefftz and continuing account of Easter trip William Robinson Leigh, 1866 - 1955 American 3876.2226.1-.3 ink on paper