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Tags: wooden

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Wooden spoon utensil Unknown Native American 73.112 wood
Wooden paddle and spoon Unknown Native American 73.119a-b wood
Soup paddle Louis Fish Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 82.188 wood
Painted wooden fan Unknown Native American; Navajo 84.3143 wood, glass, paint
Wooden cradleboard Unknown Native American; Osage (artist and user) 73.102 wood, pigments, brass
Wood and leather toy cradleboard Unknown Native American; Zuni (artist and user) 73.103 wood, hide
Stained wooden scoop utensil Unknown Native American 73.104 wood
Wooden cooking utensil Unknown Native American 73.110 wood
Wooden utensil with metal loop attached to end Unknown Native American 73.111 metal, wood
Wooden pipe cleaner with quillwork, pink feathers and metal cones Unknown Native American; Plains 84.820 wood, quill, feather, metal, buckskin
Wooden pipe cleaner with quillwork Unknown Native American; Plains 84.821 wood, metal, quill, rawhide
Wooden cradleboard tied with hide Unknown; , William Robinson Leigh Native American; possibly Osage (artist and user) 73.100 wood, hide
Wooden Arapaho comb Unknown Native American; Arapaho (artist and user) 73.159 wood
Wooden Arapaho comb Unknown Native American; Arapaho (artist and user) 73.158 wood
Wooden pipe cleaner with carved handle Unknown Native American; Osage (artist and user) 73.142 wood
Wooden pipe cleaner Unknown Native American; Cheyenne; Southern (artist and user) 73.144 wood
Furgeson, Tisdale, Hiatt, and McLaughlin Unknown Native American; Osage 4327.4208
Harry Black Dog Concannon Native American; Osage 4326.4386a-b
John Florer residence, Osage Agency, I.T. Unknown Native American; Osage 4326.4308
Osage group including D.T. Dugan, agency physician, et al Unknown Native American; Osage 4326.4212