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Tags: works of art

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
From Homer Britzman to Mrs. Morrison Homer E. Britzman American TU2009.39.2700 ink on paper
From Harry E. Maule to Nancy C. Russell Harry E. Maule; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.3231.1-4 paper
Western Artist Will Bring His Paintings And Bronzes to Duluth American TU2009.39.5593 paper
From Oliver B. James to Homer Britzman Oliver B. James; , Homer E. Britzman American TU2009.39.2687 ink on paper
From Nancy C. Russell to Mr. Robinson Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.898 ink on paper
Blacktails Unknown American TU2009.39.6689 gelatin silver process
From Nancy C. Russell to Judge Simpson Nancy C. Russell; , Alex Simpson Jr. American TU2009.39.2735 ink on paper
List of Charles M. Russell Work American TU2009.39.4190 Paper
Leaflet American TU2009.39.5631 paper
Description of Painting American TU2009.39.2743 ink on paper
From Judge Simpson to Nancy C. Russell Alex Simpson Jr.; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.2719.1-4 ink on paper
From Mrs. S. G. Schaudies to Nancy C. Russell Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.1658.1-4 ink on paper
Fleecing the Priest Unknown American TU2009.39.6739a gelatin silver process
From Nancy C. Russell to Philip Cole Nancy C. Russell; , Philip G. Cole American TU2009.39.2770.1-4 ink on paper
Stagecoach Crossing Bridge Unknown American TU2009.39.6524 gelatin silver process
Letter from Nancy C. Russell to George Sack George D. Sack; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.2861 ink on paper
Charles M. Russell Unknown American TU2009.39.274.9 gelatin silver process
From Paxson to Bert Edgar S. Paxson American TU2009.39.2257 ink on paper
From Frances Surgens-Tobie to Charles M. Russell Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.692.1-2 ink on paper
From Philip Cole to Nancy C. Russell Philip G. Cole; , Nancy C. Russell American TU2009.39.2789.1-4 ink on paper