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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Kiowa Family Lois Smokey Native American; Kiowa 0227.264 tempera on paper
Portrait of Indian Man Jack Hokeah Native American; Kiowa 02.176 tempera on paper
Medicine Man with Patient Allan Bushyhead Native American; Arapaho, Cheyenne 0227.64 tempera on paper
Eagle Dancer Spencer Asah Native American; Kiowa 0227.33 tempera on paper
Indians at Work James Auchiah Native American; Kiowa 02.25 tempera on paper
Four Dance Figures James Auchiah Native American; Kiowa 0227.24 tempera on paper
The Overland Stage Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0137.880 oil on canvas
Jim Bridger on Powder River Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0137.798 oil on board
Extending Frontiers Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0137.782 oil on board
After the Dance at the Pueblo, Taos Oscar Edmund Berninghaus American 01.517 oil on canvas
Bull Child Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.366 oil on canvas board
Sioux Parfleche & Other Artifacts Emil William Lenders American 1827.23.7 watercolor and pencil on paper
Indian Artifacts/Clothing Emil William Lenders English 1827.24.24 watercolor and pencil on paper
Game Bag Emil William Lenders American 1827.25.36 watercolor and pencil on paper
Warriors Ridge, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Thomas Moran English American 1326.1028 pencil and black conté crayon on wove paper
Landscape William Robinson Leigh American 01.698 oil on canvas board
Capt John Smith and Party Landing at Jamestown May 14, 1607 John Mix Stanley American 0126.1145 oil on canvas
Venetian Seaport, Vera Cruz Thomas Moran English American 01.1109 oil on canvas
Apache Fire Dance Stephen Mopope Native American; Kiowa 0227.331 tempera on paper
Warriors on Horses Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Creek, Pawnee 0227.458 tempera on paper