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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Coiled baleen basket with ivory walrus on lid Native American; Eskimo 71.496a-b baleen, ivory
Judge Shorty White Grass Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.392 oil on canvas
101 Grand Entree Unknown American 16.953
Pennated Grouse or Prairie Hens Robert Havell Jr. 0126.2323 Oil on canvas
Game of Chance John Mix Stanley American 01.1137 oil on canvas
The Scissors Grinder George Henry Story American 0126.2248 oil
Approaching Storm William M. Hart American 01.2259 oil on canvas
Scouts in the Tetons John Mix Stanley American 01.1143 oil on canvas
Florida River Scene Martin Johnson Heade American 0126.2317 oil on canvas
Woodducks Robert Havell Jr. American 01.2320 oil on canvas
Bead Worker Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0237.1282 watercolor on paper; matboard
Blackfoot Briddle Rosettes Emil William Lenders American 1827.25.15 watercolor and pencil on paper
Rainbow Horse Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Creek, Potawatomi 0127.2098 oil on canvas board
Landscape Brummett Echohawk Native American; Pawnee 0127.2439 oil on canvas
Dividing the Offering Charles Banks Wilson American 0127.2477 oil on canvas
Oklahoma Melody Charles Banks Wilson American 0127.1466 oil
Flute Dancer (or Player) Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Creek, Potawatomi 02.485 tempera on toned paper
Vaqueros in a Horse Corral James Walker American 0126.1480 oil on canvas
October Brillance Ila Mae McAfee American 01.541 oil on canvas
Quiver with Bow and Arrows Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.728 Pencil and tempera on paper