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Classification: Periodicals

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
-S- Ranch, S. Dak. William Robinson Leigh American 0127.979 oil on canvas board
Kiowa women Unknown Native American; Kiowa 4326.4053
Sheep, Big Horn William Robinson Leigh American 01.1070 oil on canvas board
101 Ranch Newspaper Article American 4117.631
Young Buffalo Wild West Newspaper Article American 4117.632
101 Ranch Newspaper Article and Advertisement American 4117.636
101 Ranch Coloring Puzzel American 4117.648
101 Ranch Newspaper Advertisement American 4117.655
101 Ranch Help Wanted Newspaper Advertisement American 4117.693
Keokuk Newspaper Advertising American 4117.594
101 Ranch Newspaper Comic American 4117.598
Decatur Newspaper Advertisement American 4117.599
Russell Canvas is on Display American TU2009.39.5425.4 Paper
Newspaper clipping of an article discussing Charles M. Russell's paintings placed in the National Capitol American TU2009.39.5484.1-2 paper
Seven Newspaper Clippings Unknown American, Cherokee 4126.85.3 paper
Russell's Canvases Depict Real Development of West American TU2009.39.5239 paper
Newspaper Article American TU2009.39.4215 Paper
Charles Russell, Cowboy Artist, Comes to Calgary American TU2009.39.5438.2 Paper
Trails Plowed Under American TU2009.39.5155 paper
Color picture from the New York World American TU2009.39.5634 Paper