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Object Type: Article

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Article Homer E. Britzman American TU2009.39.3898.1-22
Medicine Man American TU2009.39.4002.1-3
Medicine Man American TU2009.39.4003.1-3
Medicine Man American TU2009.39.4004.1-3
Secrets of the Night American TU2009.39.4008.1-2
Where the Best ofRiders Quit American TU2009.39.4017
News Clipping American TU2009.39.4842
Magazine Article American TU2009.39.5037.1-4
Magazine Article American TU2009.39.5038.1-5
The Southland American TU2009.39.8373
Newspaper Article American TU2009.39.8419
Draft of history and creation of "Pocahontas" painting by William R. Leigh American 2507.2509
Proof for article, "The Mystic Glamour of Africa Through the Eyes of an Artist" American 5327.1157.3
"Dangerous Trails" article with reviews and excerpts from "Time Magazine" American 4027.2511
Cardboard etched proof of article for short advertisement for "Frontiers of Enchantment" American 5327.1157.7
Partial articles from "Natural History" magazine entitled "At Home in Africa", "Adventure Land" by Phillip Percival, and "Backgrounds for the African Hall Groups" American 5027.253
Article "Our Monthly", published in Muscogee Creek language, at Tullahassee American 5026.681-.3
Reprint article from "The Journal of the American Museum of Natural History" entitled "A Night With An African Herder" American 5067.252
Magazine "Forum and Century" with notes on article "The Failure of the Art Critics II" Raphy M. Pearson American 5327.529
"An American Artist's Tribute to Ireland" American 5327.538.1-.2