Object Type: Casein Painting

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Champlain: Northwest Voyage Charles Banks Wilson American 02.1757 casein on board
Swamp Chief Charles Banks Wilson American 02.1754 casein on board
Rebel Siege Charles Banks Wilson American 02.1756 casein on board
Mustang Breaking Beatien Yazz Native American; Navajo 02.1748 casein on wove paper
War Party Frank Knickerbocker Native American; Otoe 02.223 casein
Cherokees at ceremonial fire Cecil Dick Native American; Cherokee 02.385 casein on watercolor board
The Inner Spirit Enoch Kelly Haney Native American; Creek, Seminole 01.2298 casein
Preparation for the Ribbon Dance Solomon McCombs Native American; Creek 0227.1674 casein on paper
After the Pow Wow Paul Anthony Pahsetopah Native American; Osage, Cherokee 0227.1809 casein
Choctaw Ball Player C. Terry Saul Native American; Choctaw, Chickasaw 01.2097 casein on masonite