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Tags: beaded

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Wooden instructional cradleboard Henry Haskell, Dudley Haskell, Mary Whitesell Native American; Osage 84.2937 wood, fabric, glass, metal, paint, hide
Fully beaded hard soled leather moccasins with orange, green, and blue geometric designs against a white beaded background Unknown, Wolf Robe Hunt Native American; Central Plains 84.2805a-b hide, glass, sinew
Native American Church peyote box Unknown Native American 84.2858 wood, paint
Woman’s beaded leather moccasins with white beaded background on perimeter and vamp Unknown Native American; Cheyenne; Southern (artist and user) 84.332a-b leather, glass, sinew
Man's leather leggings with blue dye and beadwork Unknown Native American; possibly Southern Cheyenne or Ute 84.465a-b glass, hide, dye
Gourd rattle with beaded handle Unknown Native American; Osage and Ponca (artist and user) 84.878 wood, glass
Knife and beaded sheath Unknown Native American; Osage and Poca (artist and user) 84.880a-b metal, glass, hide
Breechcloth with beadwork and ribbonwork Unknown Native American; possibly Otoe-Missouria 84.1147 stroud cloth, silk, glass, sequins, metal
Beaded leather leggings with triangular designs Unknown Native American; possibly Cheyenne 84.1747a-b glass, hide
Boy's painted green and yellow beaded leggings Unknown Native American; Kiowa 84.1781a-b hide, dye, glass
Feathered headdress with beaded headband and medallions Unknown Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 84.2241a hide, wool, glass, feather
Leather wrist cuff with beadwork Unknown Native American 84.754 hide, glass
Red and white glass trade beaded necklace Unknown Native American 57.29 glass
Feathered headdress and parfleche case Unknown Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 84.2241a-b feather, glass, hide, wool
Glass beaded necklace Unknown Native American 57.70 glass
Woman's beaded leggings with silver buttons Unknown Native American; Kiowa 84.454a-b glass, hide, silver
Straight Dance outfit Unknown, Terry Williams Native American; Osage 84.3600e-f wool, rayon, glass
Beaded feather scalp ornament Unknown Native American; Osage 84.265 feather, glass
Beaded leather moccasins with hard soles Unknown Native American; Plains 84.423a-b hide, glass
Beaded ornament on hide Unknown Native American 84.755 hide, glass