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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Letter from William N. Bishop, Agent in Spring Place, Georgia, to Walter S. Adair, in Cass County, Georgia Native American; Cherokee 3826.1277 ink on paper
Bill of Sale by Sally Factor to Richard Fields of three Negro slaves Native American; Seminole 4026.1591 ink on paper
Claim by Jesse McLain against Cherokee Nation when his keelboat was sunk by steamboat Victoria Native American; Cherokee 4026.1633 ink on paper
Certified copy of John Drew's last will and testament Native American; Cherokee 4026.1794 ink on paper
Letter from H. T. Martin to John Drew concerning Old Settler claims and the killing of two Cherokees Native American; Cherokee 4026.1800 ink on paper
Printed Joint Resolution, S. R. 33, concerning Old Settler claims under the Treaty of 1846 Native American; Cherokee 5126.186 ink on paper
Deed by William Dutch of one Negro boy to John Drew Native American; Cherokee 4026.1653 ink on paper
Improvements Claim of Luimah C. McDonald Native American; Creek 4026.8436 ink on paper
Spoliation Claim of We-er-hutta Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.205 ink on paper
Spoliation Claim Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.984 ink on paper
Letter from Spencer Jarnagin to John Ross Spencer Jarnagin American 4026.32 ink on paper
Blank Form American TU2009.39.2697 ink on paper
Claim of Richard Wilkeson Jesse Bushyhead Native American; Cherokee 4026.624 ink on paper
Receipt from James E. Price to Chief John Ross Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.1011-.1 ink on paper
Spoliation Claim of Chicken and Smoky Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.661 ink on paper
Letter from Elijah Hicks to Chief John Ross Elijah Hicks Native American; Cherokee 4026.1100-.1 ink on paper, wax
Act Relating to Claims against the Nation William Shorey Coodey Native American; Cherokee 4026.852 ink on paper
Memo by Chief John Ross Concerning Information to be Sought in Washington City Concerning Two Reservation Claims. Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.1129 ink on paper
Spoliation claim Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.968 ink on paper
Spoliation Claim of Nancy Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.226 ink on paper