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Tags: Creek Indians

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
A New Map of Georgia with Part of Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana Emanuel Bowen 3976.654
General map of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Laurie & Whittle 3976.655
Map Showing the Lands Assigned to Emigrant-Indians West of Arkansas and Missouri 39.731
Map of the eastern United States Samuel Augustus Mitchell 3926.115
Map of Arkansas and Indian Territory G.W. & C.B. Colton and Company 3926.236
Map of Indian Territory and Oklahoma 3926.639
Indian Territory with Part of the Adjoining State of Kansas 3926.660a-b
Map of the United States and Territories D. McClelland; , D. McClelland 3926.707
Map of Indian Territory P. Brodie 3926.742
Gray's Atlas Map of Indian Territory G.W. & C.B. Colton and Company 3926.744
Indian Territory Samuel Augustus Mitchell 3926.745
Map of Indian Territory and Oklahoma Rand McNally & Company 3926.766
Railroad and county map of Indian Territory George F. Cram; , George F. Cram 3927.720
Map showing government survey of Tulsa, Indian Territory in January 1898 John Gus Patton 3927.778
Letter from P. W. Humphrey to Charles Cassady reporting on affairs with the Chickasaw and Creek P. W. Humphrey American 3826.1460 ink on paper
C. T. Wells’ account of a trip from Mulberry, Arkansas to Arkansas City, Kansas C. T. Wells American 4026.8414 ink on paper
Letter from S.A. Worcester, in Kowetah Mission, to "Rev. and Dear Sir" Samuel Austin Worcester, 1798 - 1859 (Author) American 3826.2848 ink on paper
Bound volume containing text of 374 claims filed under the 1835 Treaty of New Echota also some Muscogee Creek claims Native American; Cherokee 4026.3501 ink on paper
Typescript essay entitled "The Removal of the Cherokee" by John Madden Native American; Cherokee 4027.5291 ink on paper
Claim by John Drew for expenses incurred while pursuing runaway Negroes Native American; Cherokee 4026.1584.73 ink on paper