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Tags: drums (membranophones)

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
The Midnight Dance (Peace Dance of Long Ago) Velino Shije Herrera Native American; Zia Pueblo 02.397 tempera
101 Ranch Poster Unknown American 16.951 lithograph on paper
Oklahoma Melody Charles Banks Wilson American 0127.1466 oil
Tobacco Dance of the Plains Indians Joseph Henry Sharp American 01.508 oil on canvas
Dancing Indian Man Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.733.1-2 Pencil on paper
Portfolio Title: Estampas del Popol-Vuh Carlos Mérida; , Talleres Graficos de la Nacion; , Graphic Art Publications Guatemalan 1747.6.14 lithograph on paper
Peyote Design Stephen Mopope Native American; Kiowa 0227.121 tempera on paper
Song to the Waterfall Bert Geer Phillips American 01.525 oil on canvas board
Peyote Meeting Stephen Mopope Native American; Kiowa 0227.203 tempera on paper
Silver blanket pin with peyote related designs including half-moon altar, staff, water drum, gourd rattle, and large bird Julius Caesar Native American; Pawnee 69.142 German silver
Chief Little Raven on His War Pony Carl Sweezy Native American; Arapaho 0227.288 watercolor
Two Indians by Tree, One with Drum Unknown American TU2009.39.270.124 gelatin silver process
Corn Dance Tonita Peña Native American; San Ildefonso 0236.540 tempera on paper
Two Indians Playing Drum Unknown American TU2009.39.270.134 gelatin silver process
Feather Dance Jose Rey Toledo Native American; Jemez Pueblo 0237.409 Watercolor on paper
Two Men Standing Near a Wall Unknown American TU2009.39.270.137 gelatin silver process
The Medicine Man Charles Marion Russell; , Roman Bronze Works; , Dr. Philip G. Cole Collection American 0837.26 lost-wax cast in bronze
Two Men Dancing to a Drum Unknown American TU2009.39.270.140 gelatin silver process
The Story of the War Robe Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.321 oil on canvas
Pueblo Green Corn Dance Fred Kabotie Native American; Hopi 01.1962 oil on canvas