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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Cloud Symbol Feather Dance of Mountain Chant Yei-Be-Chai Harrison Begay Native American; Navajo 02.159 tempera
Ma Wong Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2239 conté crayon on paper
Ruling His Son, Pawnee Warrior Brummett Echohawk Native American; Pawnee 13.4023
The Quapaw - 1700 (Arkansas) Charles Banks Wilson American 14.706 lithograph on paper
Sketches drawn by T.W. Allen regarding "Clipt Wings" American 1327.1274-.2 ink and pencil on paper
Na-tu-ya Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.400 oil on canvas board
Kaw Indian Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1084 watercolor
Flat-Head, Oregon Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1026 watercolor
Sioux Indian Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1104 watercolor
Kansas Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1074 watercolor, gouache, pen, ink, and graphite on paper
Kaw Indian Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1039 watercolor
Kaw Indian Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1037 watercolor
Chief Mountain Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.396 oil on canvas
Walks in the Night Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.484 oil on canvas
Buffalo Horn Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.418 oil on canvas
Wife of Chief Goes Ahead Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.412 oil on canvas
Fort Reno Ledger Drawing Unknown Native American; Arapaho, Cheyenne 4526.11.11
Cut the Bear's Ears Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.410 oil on canvas
Bad Baby Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.402 oil on canvas
Chief Little Plume Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.394 oil on canvas