Tags: firearms

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Fort Reno Ledger Drawing Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 4526.19.100
Colt .45 revolver with ivory handle with a carved image of a steer American TU2009.39.12 metal, ivory
When Guns Speak Unknown American TU2009.39.268.130a gelatin silver process
Smoking Up Charles Marion Russell; , George D. Sack American TU2009.39.8387.5 gelatin silver process
Indian Man on Horseback Unknown American TU2009.39.259.103 gelatin silver process
Man with Two Bear Cubs Unknown American TU2009.39.277.13 gelatin silver process
Man with Gun on Horseback Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.839.1-2 Pencil on paper
Man in Woods Holding Gun Unknown American TU2009.39.8067.1a-b gelatin silver process
Portrait of Robert Vaughn Unknown American TU2009.39.278.10a-b gelatin silver process
Charles M. Russell Unknown American TU2009.39.262.137 gelatin silver process
Gun Registration Card American TU2009.39.8135 ink on paper
Sketch of Cowboy Examining Tracks Unknown American TU2009.39.280.114 gelatin silver process
Sharp’s Carbine Rifle model 1863 American 62.50 wood, metal
Holster with Gun Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.702 Pencil on cardstock
Sketch of Bear Attacking Trappers in Cabin Unknown American TU2009.39.280.117 gelatin silver process
Copy of letter from Secretary of War J. H. Eaton to Colonel Ward J. H. Eaton American 4026.77-.9 ink on paper
Charles M. Russell Unknown American TU2009.39.262.262a-b gelatin silver process
Sketch of Man in Mine Approached by Indians Unknown American TU2009.39.280.119 gelatin silver process
Act to Exempt Certain Property from Sale for Settlement of Debt William Shorey Coodey Native American; Cherokee 4026.837 ink on paper
Man in Field Holding gun Unknown American TU2009.39.266.21 gelatin silver process