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Tags: jars

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Rock of Ages Charles Banks Wilson American 02.1749 watercolor on paper
Cooking Sorghum Charles Banks Wilson; , Frankie Van Johnson American 0137.2459 egg tempera
Superstition Ernest Leonard Blumenschein American 0137.531 oil on canvas
Plain Seed Jar Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.1548 Clay, limestone
French Fork Incised Jar Southeast, Fouche Maline 54.1753 Clay, grog, slip, mica, incised, punctated
Fortune Noded Jar Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.1856 Clay, shells, grog, noded
Military Road Incised Jar Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.188 Clay, grog, incised, notching
Walls Engraved Jar Southeast, Mississippian 54.2654 Clay, shells, engraved, polished
Trailed and Punctated Jar with Concentric Diamond Motifs Southeast, Mississippian 54.285 Clay, shells, trailed, punctated
Plain Seed Jar Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.354 clay, shells, temper
Polychrome ceramic jar Native American; Acoma 54.4328 clay, paint
Bell Plain Fish Effigy Jar Southeast, Mississippian 54.1476 Clay, shells, appliqued, notching
In Greenwich Park Thomas Moran, February 12, 1837 - August 25, 1926, English American (Artist) English American 13.899 pencil on wove paper
Preparation for the Ribbon Dance Solomon McCombs Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 0227.1674 casein on paper
Three Children Sitting on Porch Steps Unknown American TU2009.39.7649.133 gelatin silver process