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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Affidavit of John Ross and John Drew stating Sally Guess is widow of George Guess (Sequoyah) Sequoyah; , John Ross; , John Drew Native American; Cherokee 4426.273a-b ink on paper
Letter from M. Duval concerning Kee Chie Band, George Guess, and John Drew Sequoyah; , John Drew American 3826.2503 ink on paper
Letter from P. M. Butler to T. Hartley Crawford Sequoyah; , John Drew American 3826.2502 ink on paper
Untitled (4026.3279) Native American; Cherokee 4026.3279 ink on paper
Letter from Fisher Brothers & Co., cotton merchants, to Jno T. Drew Native American; Cherokee 4026.1996 ink on paper
Power of Attorney from Alexander Brown to John Drew Native American; Cherokee 4026.1684 ink on paper
Empty envelope addressed to Mrs. Emma Robinson Native American; Cherokee 4026.3549.9 ink on paper
Personal letter from Sugg Drew to his sister concerning school and asking for money Native American; Cherokee 4026.2015 ink on paper
Dispatch from John Drew and James S. Vann to Col. Douglas H. Cooper reporting on arrival at Camp Coody and Kansas forces Native American; Cherokee 4026.1830 ink on paper
Summons for John Drew to appear in U. S. District Court Native American; Cherokee 4026.1741 ink on paper
List of payments from Mr. Drew to Dr. Randall for visits and prescriptions Native American; Cherokee 4026.1584 ink on paper
Deed from Famous Smith to Will G. Robinson of Birdtail Place in Webbers Falls Native American; Cherokee 4026.2033 ink on paper
General Orders from J. W. Wells with countersign Cumberland Native American; Cherokee 4026.1847 ink on paper
Subpoena for Mrs. Drum and Little Big to appear in case of Aley Cheer v. John Drew and Cabin Smith Native American; Cherokee 4026.1782 ink on paper
Order signed by R. B. Daniel concerning the case of B. F. Thompson and J. M. Lynch v. Drew and Fields Company Native American; Cherokee 4026.1605 ink on paper
Receipted statement of amount payable to William P. Denckla by the estate of Joseph Vann Native American; Cherokee 4026.3300 ink on paper
List of guards and days spent in search of Tom Griffin Native American; Cherokee 4026.2060.1 ink on paper
Letter to John Drew concerning a trade for a horse Native American; Cherokee 4026.1865 ink on paper
Letter from H. T. Martin to John Drew concerning Old Settler claims and the killing of two Cherokees Native American; Cherokee 4026.1800 ink on paper
Deposition of Calvin McLain concerning the wrecking of Jesse McClain's boat Native American; Cherokee 4026.1626 ink on paper