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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Affidavit of John Ross and John Drew stating Sally Guess is widow of George Guess (Sequoyah) Sequoyah; , John Ross; , John Drew Native American; Cherokee 4426.273a-b ink on paper
Letter from M. Duval concerning Kee Chie Band, George Guess, and John Drew Sequoyah; , John Drew American 3826.2503 ink on paper
Letter from P. M. Butler to T. Hartley Crawford Sequoyah; , John Drew American 3826.2502 ink on paper
Personal letter from Kate Drew to brother concerning money, school ending, coming home Native American; Cherokee 4026.2075 ink on paper
Letter from William P. Ross in Fort Gibson to Jno. T. Adair concerning land for industrial school for orphans Native American; Cherokee 4026.1934 ink and pencil on paper
Officer certification for purchase of corn from John Drew for the Confederate States Native American; Cherokee 4026.1789.1 ink on paper
Receipt for distributions by Richard Ratiff, Administrator of estate of Daniel Griffin Native American; Cherokee 4026.1609 ink on paper
Untitled (4026.3279) Native American; Cherokee 4026.3279 ink on paper
Invitation to Joe Vann to attend party at Female Seminary Native American; Cherokee 4026.1995 ink on paper
Letter from Moty Kanard and Echo Harjo to Col. John Drew concerning dissatisfied Creeks Native American; Creek 4026.1814 ink on paper
Claims by Joseph Cookson and John Catron against Cherokee Nation for property lost when keelboat was sunk by steamboat Victoria Native American; Cherokee 4026.1632 ink on paper
Receipted account statement for the amount of $15.75 Native American; Cherokee 4026.3295 ink on paper
Personal letter from Elizabeth Robinson to her son, W. G. Robinson concerning health and family news Native American; Cherokee 4026.2014 ink on paper
Dispatch from Lt. Col. Will. P. Ross to Col. D. H. Cooper acknowledging order of Nov. 10th and intention to march as ordered Native American; Cherokee 4026.1829 ink on paper
Letter from Jason Vann in Webbers Falls to John Drew requesting his presence Native American; Cherokee 4026.1671 ink on paper
Receipt of John Drew for $2500.00 Native American; Cherokee 4026.3325.2 ink on paper
Permit issued to W. G. Robinson concerning employment of William McGrew Native American; Cherokee 4026.2032 ink on paper
General Orders from J. W. Wells with countersign Morgan Native American; Cherokee 4026.1847.1 ink on paper
Financial record between John Drew and J. A. Dobrell Native American; Cherokee 4026.1704 ink on paper
Fragment of a decision of the Cherokee Claims Committee for reimbursement for cattle destroyed by Whites Native American; Cherokee 4026.1576 ink on paper