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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Shoshone Falls on the Snake River Thomas Moran English American 0126.2339 oil on canvas
Map of the United States of America French Thierry 3976.554
Carte de l'Amérique et des Mers Voisines 3976.76
A Map of Kentucky 3976.90
Map of the United States, Northern Mexico, southern “British America” (Canada) George W. Boynton 3916.214
Map of the United States and Territories D. McClelland; , D. McClelland 3926.707
A Map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas, and New Mexico Showing the Great Western Prairies Josiah Gregg 3926.802
A New Map of America 3927.31
An Image of the World Abraham Ortelius 3935.62
Americae Pars, Nunc Virginia Dicta, Primum ab Anglis Inventa Sumtibus Dn Walteri Raleigh Theodor de Bry 3975.226
Floridae Americae Provinciae Recens et Exactissima Descriptio Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues 3975.591
A New Map of the Cherokee Nation with the Names of the Towns and Rivers Thomas Kitchin 3976.550a-c
Map of Mexico or New Spain, Florida J. Nutt 3976.709
El Éxodo Gustavo Savin Mexican 0147.2025 oil on canvas
Wapiti, Wyoming William Robinson Leigh American 0137.996 oil on canvas board
Rocky Mountains Albert Bierstadt American 0136.17 oil on paper
Sacramento River and Plains Alfred Thomas Agate American 0236.694 watercolor
Portage Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2169 ink and pen on paper
Enter Coronado Charles Banks Wilson American 14.680 lithograph on paper
The Hound's Tooth - Taos Walt Gonske American 01.2594