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Tags: murder

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Letter from W. H. Porter in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to Friend Eno regarding George Johnson killing a negro slave Native American; Cherokee 3826.1286 ink on paper
Typed transcript of "The Trial of Calvin Coker," anonymous author, as reported in the publication, The Indian Journal, Muskogee, Oklahoma Native American; Cherokee 4126.139 ink on paper
Handwritten copy of preliminary examination in the case of George Christy charged with the murder Native American; Cherokee 5126.486 ink on paper
Letter from H. T. Martin to John Drew concerning Old Settler claims and the killing of two Cherokees Native American; Cherokee 4026.1800 ink on paper
Letter from Principal Chief D. W. Bushyhead to Principal Chief of the Seminole Nation requesting arrest of Dick Glass Native American; Cherokee 4026.2089-.1 ink on paper
Diary of Hannah Hitchock including notes for sister, Ann Eliza Hannah Hitchcock; , Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson American 3626.204 ink on paper
Typescript of "My Life", with pencil corrections and notes by Margaret Louise Wallace William Robinson Leigh American 2317.479 ink on onion skin paper
Act for Punishment of Thefts and Other Crimes Adopted by National Council William Shorey Coodey Native American; Cherokee 4026.824-.1 ink on paper
Act for Punishment of Criminal Offenses William Shorey Coodey Native American; Cherokee 4026.825-.1 ink on paper
Act Establishing the Judiciary William Shorey Coodey Native American; Cherokee 4026.830-.7 ink on paper
Letter from General Matthew Arbuckle to Chief John Ross Matthew Arbuckle Native American; Cherokee 4026.843 ink on paper
Saving of John Smith by Pocahontas Unknown 0116.1660 oil on canvas
Letter from Jas. McKisick to Chief John Ross Jas. McKisick American 4026.1134-.1 ink on paper
Letter from Principle Creek Chief Motey Kennard to Chief John Ross Moty Kernard Native American; Creek 4026.1312 ink on paper
Unidentified and Incomplete Testimony of Unnamed Person about Murder of Terrel Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.3050 ink on paper
Appointment of Light Horse Company and Instructions by President Walter Webber and Vice President Aaron Price Unknown American 4026.39-.1 ink on paper
Copy of letter from Secretary of War J. H. Eaton to Colonel Ward J. H. Eaton American 4026.77-.9 ink on paper
Demand by Cane Hill Independent Regulators to Captain George Bushyhead, and through him to John Ross Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.801-.1 ink on paper