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Tags: Native American Church

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Peyote blanket Unidentified Native American; Osage 84.1154 wool, silk, glass, hide
The Altar - Native American Church Tennyson Eckiwaudah Native American; Comanche 01.2015 oil
The Homestead Russell William Wagoshe Native American; Osage 02.1980 watercolor on paper
Wooden smoke stick (fire stick) with painted tipi and carved white cross relief heart Joseph Rice, Joseph Rice Native American 73.758 wood, paint
Otter fur hair ties Unidentified, Dominic Daniels, Dominic Daniels Native American; Osage 85.59a-b fur (otter)
Leather and German silver Native American Church belt Carol King Rachlin, Unidentified Native American; possibly Cheyenne 84.3227 German silver, silver, steel or chrome-plating, commercially tanned leather, semi-tanned leather
Wooden drumstick Robert L. Brown Native American; Navajo 73.756 wood
Native American Church peyote box Unidentified Native American 84.2858 wood, paint
Native American Church staff Unidentified Native American; Navajo 84.2976a-b wood
Silver waterbird earrings Bruce Caesar Native American; Sac & Fox, Pawnee 69.138a-b silver
Woman's cape with beadwork and fringe Unidentified Native American; Kiowa 84.1792b hide (buckskin), glass, metal, shell (cowie)
Feather drop for decorating the staff Unidentified Native American; Osage 84.2924e feather (eagle, pheasant), hide, glass
Feather crown for decorating the staff Unidentified Native American; Osage 84.2924d feathers, hide
Silver peyote church earrings Bruce Caesar Native American; possibly Pawnee or Sac & Fox 69.150a-b silver
Native American Church yarn blanket manufactured in Mexico Unidentified, Henry Haskell, Dudley Haskell Native American; Osage, Mexican 97.279 acrylic yarn
Commercial cigarette papers Unidentified, Dominic Daniels Native American; Osage 84.1175b paper
Silver scarf slide with fan and flower engraved designs Kugee Supernaw Native American; Caddo, Quapaw, and Osage (artist and user) 69.161 nickel silver, German silver
Commercial tobacco bag Dominic Daniels Native American; Osage 84.1175a cotton, burlap
Loose peyote feather fan made of blue and gold macaw feathers with multicolored beaded handle and white fringe Joseph Rice Native American; Sac & Fox 84.3095 feather (macaw), fur, hide, glass
Gourd peyote rattle with carved and beaded handle Patrick Scott Native American; Navajo (Diné) 84.3097 gourd, wood, hide, glass