Tags: noses (animal components)

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Faith, Hope and Charity Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2197 ink and pen on paper
Study for "The Last of His Tribe" Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2217 conté crayon on paper
Watching the Breakers Winslow Homer American 0126.2264 oil on canvas
The Scissors Grinder George Henry Story American 0126.2248 oil
Pawnees on the Trail Of an Enemy Charles Deas American 01.1169 oil on canvas
APR '55 Bobby C. Martin Native American; Muscogee Creek 0127.2503 mixed media on canvas
Oklahoma Melody Charles Banks Wilson American 0127.1466 oil
Song of the Eagle That Mates with the Storm N. C. Wyeth American 0127.1545 oil on canvas
Breaking Through the Line Charles Schreyvogel American 01.1235 oil on canvas
Black Hawk and His Son Whirling Thunder John Wesley Jarvis American 0126.1007 oil on canvas
The Mourners Joseph Henry Sharp American 01.354 oil on canvas
Superstition Ernest Leonard Blumenschein American 0137.531 oil on canvas
Photograph of Thomas Gilcrease and Des Cygne Gilcrease 4327.9205
Penn's Treaty Edward Hicks American 01.1008 oil on canvas