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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Four Horses Running Fast Molly Murphy Adams Native American 19.82 beadwork on wool
Peyote Men in Prayer Rance Hood Native American; Comanche 02.1945 tempera on mat board
Baby Burden Monroe Tsatoke Native American; Kiowa 02.152 tempera on paper
Egyptian a.m. Rick Bartow Native American; Yurok 13.4018 pastel on paper
Dancer Russell William Wagoshe Native American; Osage 02.1971 Watercolor on paper
Plains Sentinel John Nieto Native American; Mescalero Apache 14.944 print on board
Call of the Great Spirit Gary White Deer Native American; Choctaw 02.1774 Tempera on paperboard
Male Portrait Russell William Wagoshe Native American; Osage 02.1972 Watercolor on paper
Basket Weavers #2 Bobby C. Martin Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 14.836 Mixed media monotype on paper
Ceremonial Dancer Johnny Tiger Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Seminole 02.1779 gouache on paper
Chickens & Skunks Julian Martinez Native American; San Ildefonso 02.209 Tempera on paper
Bride Russell William Wagoshe Native American; Osage 02.1973 Watercolor on Paper
Chief Carl Sweezy Native American; Arapaho 01.577 Oil
Apache Fire Dancer Pop Chalee Native American; Taos Pueblo 02.370 tempera on canvas board
Indian Male Monroe Tsatoke Native American; Kiowa 02.232 tempera on paper
Shield Dancer W. Richard West Native American; Southern Cheyenne 02.1992 tempera on leatherette paper
Kiowa Scout James Auchiah Native American; Kiowa 02.10 tempera on paper
Hoop Dancer Woodrow Wilson Palmer Native American 02.141 tempera on paper
Hopi Corn Dance Monroe Tsatoke Native American; Kiowa 02.234 tempera on paper
Fluting Moon (Sioux) Loren Pahsetopah; , James and Rosemarie Waggoner Native American; Osage 02.1996 gouache on paperboard