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Tags: poems

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Poem by Ralph S. Kendall American TU2009.39.3810
The Dead Pardner American TU2009.39.3998
A Painting American TU2009.39.4010
Poem American TU2009.39.4875
From Bill Meyers to Nancy C. Russell William Meyers, Nancy C Russell American TU2009.39.2365.1-4
Branding Cattle in Old Montana Unknown American TU2009.39.276.13b
Hiawatha and the Serpent Thomas Moran English American 02.2085 carbon print and oil paint
1867 Diary of Dwight Hitchcock of Cherokee Nation, I.T. Daniel D. Hitchcock American 3626.206 ink on paper
A religious prayer written by Amanda Native American, Cherokee 4026.3146 ink on paper
Poem "Soldier On Guard" Native American, Cherokee 4026.3147 ink on paper
Typescript of "My Life", with pencil corrections and notes by Margaret Louise Wallace William Robinson Leigh American 2317.479 ink on onion skin paper
Philosophy American TU2009.39.3970 paper
William Shakespeare Frederick William MacMonnies, Gruet E. Jeune American 08.95 bronze
From John B. Ritch to Nancy C. Russell John B. Ritch, Nancy C Russell American TU2009.39.1759 ink on paper
My Gift Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.3989 paper
Poem entitled "Russell's Funeral" American TU2009.39.4670 paper
Poem American TU2009.39.4873 paper
Postcard Unknown American TU2009.39.7940b paper
From Harry E. Maule to John B. Ritch Harry E. Maule, John B. Ritch American TU2009.39.1752 ink on paper
From Charles M. Russell to Mike Shanon Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.402 ink on paper