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Tags: rattle

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Half Moon Night and Remembrance Yatika Starr Fields 01.2603 oil on canvas
Beaded gourd rattle with stripe patterns and down feather on top Unknown; , Emil William Lenders Native American; Ponca (artist and user) 84.107 gourd, wood, glass, hide, feather
Colorful beaded Native American Church belt buckle Unknown Native American 84.2979 glass, hide
Rattle decorated with beadwork Unknown Native American 84.2988 wood, hide, glass
Coconut rattle with painted wooden handle Louis Fish Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Euchee 84.2995 coconut, wood, paint, stone, commercial stain and varnish, commercial leather
Gourd peyote rattle with beaded handle Joseph Rice Native American; Sac & Fox 84.3101 gourd, glass, wood, feathers, hide, horsehair
Turtle shell shakers with leather straps Unknown Native American; possibly Cherokee 93.42a-b leather, shell
Terrapin shell shakers strung on old style lace up boot uppers Unknown Native American; Cherokee 93.43a-b terrapin, hide
Hide rattle with shells and glass beads Unknown Native American 90.812 hide, shell, glass
Gourd rattle with wooden handle Unknown Native American 75.19 gourd, wood
Coconut rattle with wooden handle and leather trim Unknown Native American; possibly Muscogee (Creek) or Euchee 82.32 coconut, wood, hide
Tin tomato can dance shakers with leather straps Clifford Littlebear Native American; Euchee 84.2888a-b tin, leather, brass, stone
Coconut shell rattle with leather ties Mark Littlebear Native American; Euchee 84.2889 coconut shell, wood, hide, stone
Coconut shell rattle with wooden handle Mark Littlebear Native American; Euchee 84.2890 coconut shell, wood, hide, stone
Gourd rattle with carved wooden handle and peyote stitch beadwork Joseph Rice Native American; Sac & Fox 84.2949a-b wood, glass, metal, leather, feather (chicken), horsehair
Beaded metal belt buckle with peyote church symbols Unknown Native American 84.2961 metal, leather, glass, cotton
Carved and painted wooden peyote box with brass hardware Unknown Native American 84.2983 wood, metal, felt, paint
Gourd rattle with wooden handle Kelly Harvey Native American 84.2984 gourd, wood, glass, hide, feathers
Gourd rattle with beaded handle Barry Belindo Native American; Kiowa 84.2987 gourd, wood, hide, glass, horsehair
Gourd peyote rattle with trimmed lower edge decorated in eight v-notches Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.2991 gourd, wood, glass, hide, fur, feathers, horsehair, stone