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Tags: Saint Francis River Basin

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Double walled twill plaited basket Unknown Native American; possibly Natchez or Choctaw 71.519 river cane
Mississippian effigy pipe bowl Unknown Native American; Choctaw 61.1739 limestone
Animal effigy pipe bowl Southeast 61.1205 Stone
Palmer projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.13546 Stone
Stone ceremonial spud Mississippian 61.1568 Stone
Ceramic turtle effigy pipe bowl Mississippian 54.4493 ceramic
Shell mushroom ear ornament Southeast, Mississippian 90.448 Marine Shell
Shell mushroom ear ornament with incised geomorphic design Southeast, Mississippian 90.449 Marine Shell
Ceramic grayware elbow pipe with "duck" head effigy design Southeast, Mississippian 54.4498 ceramic
Ceramic grayware elbow pipe Southeast, Mississippian 54.4514 Ceramic
Ceramic grayware elbow pipe Southeast, Mississippian 54.4668 Ceramic
Chunkey stone Mississippian 61.1063 Stone
Large-sized stone Clovis lanceolate projectile point Southeast, Paleolithic 61.7151 Stone
Hourglass bannerstone Southeast, Archaic 61.870 Stone
Chunkey stone Southeast, Mississippian 61.959 Stone
Bifacially flaked stone Hardin long stem projectile point Southeast, Woodland 61.8123 Stone
Bone awl Southeast, Mississippian 83.537 Bone
Stone Cache River projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.11103 Stone