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Tags: Tahlequah, I.T.

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Tahlequah District Claims Record Book Native American; Cherokee 4026.1599 ink on paper
Letter from C. J. Harris, Executive Office, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, Indian Territory Native American, Cherokee 4026.5494
Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Robertson to D. D. Hitchcock at Fort Blunt, C.N Daniel D. Hitchcock American 3826.2844-.4 ink on paper
Typed letter from C. G. Matheny to the Honorable George W. Benge, Tahlequah George W. Benge Native American, Cherokee 4027.5631 ink on paper
John Lowery Brown's account of his journey from Grand Saline, Indian Territory to California goldfields Native Americans, Cherokee 3616.94 ink and pencil on paper with leather
Quarterly report of permits issues by Clerk of Tahlequah Native Americans, Cherokee 4026.5454 ink on paper
Council Bill Number 7 Petition from the citizens of Catoosa to the Council in Tahlequah Native American, Cherokee 5126.498 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping reporting death of Judge Henry C. Ross in Tahlequah Native American, Cherokee 4127.5 ink on paper
Tax receipt for the first quarter of 1896 - 1897 fiscal year to J. M. Bryan, Locust Grove, signed D. W. Lipe and Robert B. Ross Native American, Cherokee 4026.289 ink on paper
Letter to Henry Ross from Lewis Ross, Grand Saline, Cherokee Nation listing delegates in Washington and Neighbors Native American, Cherokee 4026.285.1 ink on paper
Claim by Jesse McLain against Cherokee Nation when his keelboat was sunk by steamboat Victoria Native American, Cherokee 4026.1633 ink on paper
Report to Cherokee Agent James McKissick from Superintendent James M. Payne concerning public schools in Cherokee Nation Native American, Cherokee 4026.1647 ink on paper
License for John Drew to practice law in Cherokee courts Native American, Cherokee 4026.3325.12 ink on paper
Letter from H. T. Martin to John Drew concerning Old Settler claims and the killing of two Cherokees Native American, Cherokee 4026.1800 ink on paper
Letter from Mary addressed to Aunt Emma concerning teaching school Native American, Cherokee 4026.1960 ink on paper
Letter from John T. Drew in Tahlequah to his sister concerning recovering interest in old reservations Native American, Cherokee 4026.2027 ink on paper
Letter from J. A. Scales in Tahlequah to Mr. Wm. G. Robinson in Webbers falls concerning permits from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs Native American, Cherokee 4026.2030 ink on paper
Printed executive order to sheriffs by Principal Chief D. W. Bushyhead concerning liquor and dangerous weapons Native American, Cherokee 5126.193 ink on paper
Permit for Blankenship and Reynolds to labor as farmers in the Canadian District of the Cherokee Nation Native American, Cherokee 4026.2065 ink on paper
Order by Principal Chief D. W. Bushyhead to William West to report on arrest of "Moore" Native Americans, Cherokee 4026.2083-.1 ink on paper