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Tags: Tahlequah

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Robertson to D. D. Hitchcock at Fort Blunt, C.N Dr. Daniel D. Hitchcock American 3826.2844-.4 ink on paper
Typed letter from C. G. Matheny to the Honorable George W. Benge, Tahlequah George W. Benge Native American; Cherokee 4027.5631 ink on paper
John Lowery Brown's account of his journey from Grand Saline to California Native American; Cherokee 3616.94 ink and pencil on paper
Newspaper clippings from The Christian Science Monitor entitled 'A Cherokee Chronicle, Part I' Samuel Austin Worcester, 1798 - 1859 (Subject) Native American; Cherokee 4127.200 ink on paper
Quarterly report of permits issues by Clerk of Tahlequah Native American; Cherokee 4026.5454 ink on paper
Council Bill Number 7 Petition from the citizens of Catoosa to the Council in Tahlequah Native American; Cherokee 5126.498 ink on paper
The Tahlequah Arrow Clipping titled 'Fire Destroys Old Cherokee Seminary Native American; Cherokee 4127.8a-b ink on paper
Newspaper clipping concerning 1859 oil strike in Mayes County Native American; Cherokee 4127.7 ink on paper
Newspaper clipping reporting death of Judge Henry C. Ross in Tahlequah Native American; Cherokee 4127.5 ink on paper
Tax receipt for the first quarter of 1896 - 1897 fiscal year to J. M. Bryan, Locust Grove, signed D. W. Lipe and Robert B. Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.289 ink on paper
Letter to Henry Ross from Lewis Ross, Grand Saline, Cherokee Nation listing delegates in Washington and Neighbors Native American; Cherokee 4026.285.1 ink on paper
Typescript essay entitled "The Removal of the Cherokee" by John Madden Native American; Cherokee 4027.5291 ink on paper
Photostat of list of property transferred from Cherokee Capital in Tahlequah to Carnegie Library in Tahlequah Native American; Cherokee 4427.96-.4 ink on paper
Letter from J. C. Dickinson in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation to Friend Tatum Native American; Cherokee 3826.1285 ink on paper
Letter from G.W. Hicks, Wichita Baptist Mission, Anadarko in Oklahoma Territory to George Benge in Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation Native American; Cherokee 3826.1291 ink on paper
Letter from Waddie Hudson in Tahlequah to G.W. Benge, Washington, D.C. Native American; Cherokee 3826.1293 ink on paper
Original Resolution of the General Council of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah with transcript Native American; Cherokee 5126.478 ink on paper
Handwritten copy of preliminary examination in the case of George Christy charged with the murder Native American; Cherokee 5126.486 ink on paper
Order by Principal Chief D. W. Bushyhead to William West to report on arrest of "Moore" Native American; Cherokee 4026.2083-.1 ink on paper
Letter from Principal Chief D. W. Bushyhead to Principal Chief of the Seminole Nation requesting arrest of Dick Glass Native American; Cherokee 4026.2089-.1 ink on paper