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Tags: Troops

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Letter to Henry Ross from Lewis Ross, Fort Gibson referring to a pay-off of the troops in a few days and no bush-whackers near. The name 'Miss Emma A. Dale' is written on the reverse side of the letter Native American, Cherokee 4026.281 ink on paper
Letter to Henry Ross, from Lewis Ross, Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, describing raids on Wagon Trains from or to Fort Scott Native American, Cherokee 4026.279-.1 ink on paper
Letter from Lewis Ross in Washington D.C. to his son, Henry Ross in Pennsylvania Native American, Cherokee 4026.260 ink on paper
Letter from Meigs at Southwest Point to John Browder Native American, Cherokee 3826.1271 ink on paper
Fragment of an unsigned draft of a dispatch from Camp Coody to Lt. Col. Ross concerning Jayhawkers and a skirmish with Hopothle-Ahola's party Native American, Cherokee 4026.1832 ink on paper
General Orders No. 20 from the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office in Richmond Native American, Cherokee 4026.1838 ink on paper
The Arrival of American Troops at the Front John Singer Sargent American 01.1219 oil on canvas
Draft copy of letter from Chief John Ross to William H. Underwood, Esquire John Ross, J. L. Hargett Native Americans, Cherokee 4026.80a-b ink on paper
Resolution of Council J. L. Hargett, Unknown Native American, Cherokee 4026.98 ink on paper
Letter from James Lang to Chief John Ross J. L. Hargett, James Lang Native American, Cherokee 4026.108 ink on paper
Agreement (unsigned draft) with Agent Montfort Stokes Unknown, J. L. Hargett Native American, Cherokee 4026.884-.1 ink on paper
Spoliation Claim J. L. Hargett, Unknown Native American, Cherokee 4026.1009 ink on paper
Letter from John W. Stapler to Chief John Ross John W. Stapler, J. L. Hargett Native American, Cherokee 4026.1422 ink on paper
Letter from Cherokee Agent Major J. Harlan to Superintendent of Indian Affairs W. G. Coffin J. L. Hargett, J. Harlan American 4027.1501-.1 ink on paper
Letter from Allen Ross to 'Robert' J. L. Hargett, Allen Ross Native American, Cherokee 3826.7575 ink on paper