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Tags: vamps (shoe components)

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Woman’s beaded and quilled leather moccasins Unidentified Native American; Cheyenne; Southern 84.373a-b semi-tanned skin, rawhide, glass, porcupine quills, natural dyes, sinew, cotton thread
Woman's beaded moccasins with geometric designs and interior parfleche soles Unidentified, Emil William Lenders Native American; Cheyenne 84.400a-b semi-tanned skin, rawhide with hair, glass, sinew (pigment from a previous use of rawhide not part of the mocassin design)
Bending Willow Set about the Cares of Mother-Hood Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Citizen Potawatomi 02.464 tempera on paper
Soft soled leather moccasins with quill work in a floral and geometric pattern on the cuff and vamp of the shoe Native American; possibly Huron 84.274a-b leather, quills, cotton cloth, cotton string, natural dyes
Woman’s beaded leather moccasins with floral designs Native American; Eastern Sioux 84.287a-b leather, glass, silk, cotton cloth, cotton string.
Leather moccasins with beaded geometric designs Native American; Sioux 84.356a-b leather, glass, cotton string, metal, feathers
Men’s beaded leather moccasins with white beaded field with a line of green beading and geometric patterns around perimeter Unidentified Native American; Cheyenne 84.329a-b commercial leather, glass, cotton