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Tags: Washington City

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Typescript essay entitled "The Removal of the Cherokee" by John Madden Native American; Cherokee 4027.5291 ink on paper
Printed Statement of the Cherokee Funds requested by D. W. Bushyhead, Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation Native American; Cherokee 3726.360 ink on paper
Letter from John Ross to Pierce M. Butler regarding Cherokee warriors entitled to pensions Native American; Cherokee 4026.1601 ink on paper
Letter to John Drew concerning Master Masons Degree Native American; Cherokee 4026.1687 ink on paper
Letter from H. T. Martin to John Drew concerning Old Settler claims and the killing of two Cherokees Native American; Cherokee 4026.1800 ink on paper
Letter from E. A. Hayes to W. G. Robinson concerning permits for farm laborers Native American; Cherokee 4026.2031 ink on paper
Text of Address by Chief John Ross to National Council Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.822-.1 ink on paper
Letter from Brigadier General J. G. Totten to Captain Bauman J. G. Totten American 3826.7574 ink on paper
Form letter for Notices to the Governor and Attorney General of Georgia John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.85-a ink on paper
Letter from John H. Sherburne to Chief John Ross John H. Sherburne Native American; Cherokee 4026.1042-.1 ink on paper
Draft Copy of Letter from Cherokee Delegation to Commissioner of Indian Affairs William P. Dole Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4027.1512-.1 ink on paper
Letter from J. Peck to Chief John Ross J. Peck Native American; Cherokee 4026.116 ink on paper
Letter from Ed Hardin to Chief John Ross Edward Harden Native American; Cherokee 4026.169-.1 ink on paper, wax
Copy of letter from Chief John Ross, Edward Gunter, Rich Taylor, and William S. Coodey to President Andrew Jackson Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.40 ink on paper
Appointment of and Instructions to Delegates from Western Cherokee Sent to Washington City Unknown Native American; Cherokeeno date 4026.513-.1 ink on paper
Unsigned Copy of Letter to William H. Underwood, Esquire Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.86 ink on paper
Letter from William Potter Ross to Editors of the New York Express William Potter Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.1078-.5 ink on paper, wax
Letter from William Potter to Cherokee Delegation William Potter Native American; Cherokee 4026.524-.1 ink on paper, wax
Copy of Letter from Delegation to Luke Lea, Commissioner of Indian Affairs Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.1186-.1 ink on paper
Letter from William H. Underwood, Esquire to Chief John Ross William H. Underwood Native American; Cherokee 4026.184-.1 ink on paper, wax